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  • We are working with UNH on a needs assessment for our Department. The following information is being gathered to assess the recreation interests, needs, and priorities of households in the Town of Wakefield. Your responses to the following questions are important to us. The information that you provide will assist in establishing priorities and a strategic direction for recreation provision in Wakefield .Please consider taking the time to complete the survey. If you have any questions please contact the office at 522-9977. Feel free to share the link with others and if you know of anyone that doesn't use the internet, we have paper copies available at our office.

  • Wakefield Ballpark Dugout Bids
    The Wakefield Parks & Recreation Department is seeking bids to replace four current dugouts.  We are looking to price this in two phases.
    • Removal and dispose of existing concrete, block dugouts
    • Rebuild dugouts out of wood.  Dugouts to be the same as they are at Thompson Field.                                        Wood frame, shingled roof, vinyl sided.  Dugouts to be 6’8”w x 20
    • Bids due by 2pm on April 19th, 2019.
    • Project to be completed by May 19, 2019, weather permitting.
    • Prior to commencing work, and throughout the term of this Contract, the Contractor shall obtain, and maintain, in the limits and under the conditions set forth below, insurance coverage for the following types and levels of coverage:
    • Workers’ Compensation Statutory
    • Automobile and Equipment $1 Million/$1 Million
    • Property Damage $1 Million/$2 Million
    • General Liability $1 Million/$2 Million
    • Errors and Omissions $1 Million/$2 Million
    The Town shall be named as certificate holder and the Town shall be notified no earlier than thirty (30) days before any such policy is cancelled, altered or materially changed.
    Mail bids to: Wakefield Parks & Recreation
    Dugout bids
    2 High St
    Wakefield NH 03872
    The location is at The Ballpark, 1488 Wakefield Rd.
    Call 522-9977 or email to set up an appointment to view site and identify dugouts to be replaced.  The Town reserves the right to reject any/all bids for any reason.

Welcome to Wakefield Parks & Recreation (NH)

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Office: 603-522-9977
Physical Address: 132 Meadow Street Sanbornville NH
Mailing Address: 2 High Street Sanbornville NH

Recreation Director: Wayne Robinson

Program Coordinator: Alyssa Hall

Department staff is often in and out of the office at meetings, running programs, or overseeing projects. On certain days, staff is required to attend trips and may be away from the office during normal business hours.  Feel free to call ahead and confirm that someone is available to meet with you.